Digital painting from a pencil sketch

As an amateur and self-taught painter (I don’t like to call myself an artist) I always find it’s hard to adapt with graphic tablet, although I knew I have to get use to it if I want to make some nice digital drawings.

Fortunately, from David Revoy’s blog, there’s an article about how to turn my pencil sketch into digital drawing with some easy steps, all I need are :

  • Gimp ( I got the latest version ; 2.8.4)
  • G’MIC plugin
  • MyPaint, and Krita (optional)

And so I made this sketch, and uploaded into my computer with using my pocket camera, it would be better if I can use a scanner, but I don’t have it, but nevermind it.


First, open it with Gimp, choose from menu : Colors – Level , and adjust some setting just like in the picture below, to make the paper more white and the pencil sketch darker.

Screenshot from 2013-06-30 00:15:58

And then , open G’MIC plugin, and choose filter “PhotoComix Smoothing” , it’s at Testing – PhotoComix – PhotoComix Smoothing , ( if you don’t have it, maybe you have to update your G’MIC plugin first ) Just leave the setting as the default, the purpose of using this filter is to make the sketch look more smooth without loosing its sharpness.

Screenshot from 2013-06-30 00:17:32

To remove the paper from pencil sketch and make drawing transparent, choose Colors – Color to Alpha , and press OK.

Screenshot from 2013-06-30 00:19:26

Now, as the picture has turned transparent, Add New Layer with Layer Fill Type : White, and put that new layer in the bottom of the sketch layer.

Before I started to color my sketch, I change the layer mode into “Multiply” so the sketch line will more visible after I color it.

Screenshot from 2013-06-30 00:22:53

And I saved this picture with .ora (open raster file) so it can be opened in MyPaint.

At David Revoy’s blog , he used Krita to colored his drawing, I wish I can do that too, as I believe Krita is the most powerful digital software at this moment,  but I already enjoy using MyPaint, so here I just use MyPaint to color my sketch with only one layer !

Screenshot from 2013-06-30 00:25:35

What I love about MyPaint is it has very simple interface, so I can draw easily without any disturbance, and here I used Devaad Mixbrush (it called Deevad since it was made by Deevad, off course, hehehee ) I only use one layer to color this, but it would be much better if there are more layers, because using more layers will create a more realistic painting.

So this is the final result :


And that’s all about how to turn a pencil sketch into a digital painting, with using some help from these useful open source graphic software : Gimp, G’MIC plugin and MyPaint ! 😀

source :


G’MIC Plugin

Colorize Comics, a great new filter from G’MIC

A few days ago I saw from G’MIC post at Google+ , there was a new filter : Colorize Comics , it was a very interesting filter, basically this filter can colorize your black and white picture (B/W) just by applying some colors in it, then the filter will do its job ; to extrapolate the colors into that picture.

Oh btw, G’MIC is a famous plug-in for Gimp, it has many amazing filters, until now it has more than 400 filters ! and you can have chat with G’MIC developers in Gimp Chat and Google+ , and off course they’re very helpful and friendly.

So how to use this filter ?

first, you have to install G’MIC, it’s very easy, just go to and download it.

After installing G’MIC, just open Gimp, go to menu bar : Filter – G’MIC ,there you have it !


But what happen if  there’s no Colorize Comic filter in G’MIC ?

No worries, you just need to update your G’MIC plug-in , just press that little blue “Refresh” button, and automatically G’MIC will update its new filters.


So first I tried to draw a picture :


then Add New Layer on the top of previous layer, with layer type : Transparency , then stroke some colors in that transparent layer just like this :


With that transparent layer selected, go to menu bar : Filter – G’MIC , then choose Color – Colorize Comics , on the left side you need to choose Input Layers to All , and just press Apply 

To make your B/W visible, you need to move that layer to the top, and change the Layer Mode into Multiply, and here’s the result :


Okay so this filter works very well in my childish sketch 😳 , but will it also work with “advance” picture ?

So I loaded my eye sketch, and I applied that same method to this pic :


And here’s the result ! Wow, awesome ! :mrgreen:


So for the conclusion, this Colorize Comics filter is very interesting and useful, especially for those who are too lazy to color some pictures 😀

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