The hand that rocks the cradle……

being a parent will take you to the world that you would never imagine before, as if everyday is the brand new day, you’ll experience different things…. and before you realize that you’re suffocate between the daily routine and some unexpected incidents.

So let me put it this way ; marriage is hard, but parenting is harder, and being a mother is the hardest job ever, I presumed every mother is agree with me, although I would not intended to minimize the role of fatherhood, but once you’ve become a mother then you have to be ready for 24/7. And I’m sure our parents never told us how difficult it is.

So if it’s so difficult, then why everyone still wants to get marriage ? why have children then ?

When I went to malls, then as usual I saw many happy couples with their kids spending their time together, seeing them playing with their kids and sometimes chatting with their spouse, I knew that the main reason people get marriage and have kids is to share and enjoy their moment together, because we as human being, always need somebody else beside us.

I never knew I would be a mother like this, I always thought a kind of girl like me would end up being single for the rest of my life (ouch !) , but my destiny had turned me into an ordinary mother, just like the one that you usually see at the flea market, or a fussy lady that you’ll meet at the school’s canteen, having her daily gossips with other mommies ( yeah right ! )

At first, I was so afraid that I would never become a good mother, but as time went by, I understood that being a mother is about learning something new from your offspring everyday, and motherhood is a not-stop-learning activity that until these days I still struggle to keep up with it.

So are we talking about motherhood ? how about fatherhood ? can men be good parent too like women do ?

I met with some cool dads that really enjoy being around their children, and I was amazed that somehow they feel the same way like women towards their children, they have that “nurturing feeling”, and they do really care and love their children very much.

Then I assumed that motherhood is not meant to be for mothers only, but also for those cool dads.

Then how do we recognize those people who has that “nurturing feeling” ?

It’s so easy, just ask them a question about their children, and if that person has “nurturing feeling” then you won’t be surprised if he or she answers that question happily and probably you couldn’t stop he/she tells you story about how great their kids are.

Is a person born to be great parent ? what if we knew that we could never be a good parent for our kids ?

What I believe, perhaps some people was born to be a “Children-magnet” just like Kak Seto or Bu Kasur, but if we really struggle hard and want to learn to become a good parents, then I’m sure we all could be a great parents for our offspring. it’s true that whenever there’s a will, there’s a way.

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world……

everyone could be a great parents, you could be the one too….if you’re willing to