an open letter to Marvel

Dear Marvel,

I realize that it’s already too late to send this message, but I hope that I can get things straight.

Ardian Syaf was not a radical or extremist muslim, his subliminal messages in Marvel comic were not about hatred, to the contrary it was actually about love and peace.

The first person who reported the artist with false accusation, he said that the subliminal messages contain bigotry and hatred.

If you ask to yourself when see that subliminal messages ; does it really about anti-jews and hatred ?

Most of muslims in Jakarta don’t want to choose the non-muslim leader (Ahok) as governor, so Ahok tried to persuade the muslims by saying that we should choose him because the Holy Quran had lied to us.

His statement caused uproar in our society, and then millions of muslims gathered together in peace rallies, the first is called “411” (4th november 2017) and the second one is “212” (2nd december 2017)

and that was the number that Ardian Syaf put in the Marvel comic.

The peace rallies were the same like rallies in US, we have the same message : we want to have a trustworthy leader who has ethical virtues and respect for differences in society

And also I’d like to remind everyone that Islam has beautiful messages of peace and love, we want to live together with our fellows non-muslims in harmony, we want to be close with them, just like best friends, and we want to protect them if something bad happen to them,

Quran said that God had told us to dealing with non-muslims with kind and just, because God loves who act justly.

And our beloved Prophet said that the Christians are generous companions, so he wanted us to treat them with generosity

once our beloved Prophet stood up with respect when a funeral of a Jew went by, and how come they accused us never want to pray to the funeral of our brothers and sisters in faith ?

I noticed that Marvel always stands for diversity and included minorities in the characters, and I believe that we muslims always stand for diversity and against hatred towards minorities.

To conclude, I really don’t know Ardian Syaf, I never meet him in person, but what this accusation of Ardian Syaf has taken it toll on both sides, and I have to call a spade a spade that we are not the radical and extremist people…..

we are the humble people who love peace and we want to do just and act kindly to all of humanity.




212 subliminal message

I always love reddit, especially because in there almost no one talks about things that happen in my country, but couple days ago things turned out to be very different, it was because of that subliminal messages in one of marvel comics, the news became popular in reddit and imgur, since those subliminal messages that created by indonesian comic artist contain anti-Christian and anti-Semitic messages.

here’s the link to it : Marvel Comic 212 subliminal messages

and here’s the image from imgur : 212

Disclaimer :

I’m writing this article not to debate about the Quranic verses in the comics, I respect everyone’s view about those particular verses, I’m here merely just trying to give my opinion about that subliminal messages.

so the thing about subliminal messages is that they can’t get the point across, because subliminal messages are actually not the right way to express your point of view,

in my opinion, subliminal messages shouldn’t contain any sensitive messages towards particular group of people, subliminal messages should be fun and enjoyable, since it’s hidden and make us eager to find them in the comics or movies.

and now ; why everyone got angry about that subliminal messages ?

it was actually because of our own fault !

we thought just because we’re here in indonesia, the most populated muslim country in the whole world, then we don’t have to publicize the religious rallies to the world !

I was so confuse with friends who got angry when reading furious comments in reddit, why do you think that make them angry IF we never inform them about what had happened to us, about why some of us don’t want to choose that non-muslim leader and how the rallies ACTUALLY went non-violent, and off course we are not those radical muslims !

and the most important is : why we never reached out to other ulamas/syaikhs/clerics in US, UK, Europe and other minorities muslim countries so they could pass the news to those minorities muslims and be the PR agents for us against the mainstream medias that always portrait muslims as the evil ones.

if you’re always following the news, you knew that those minorities muslims have suffered enough, they’ve been bullied and harassed since 9/11, they have gone through a lot of pains and miseries, living in non-muslim countries, try to get by each and everyday, and now we give them another burden ? think about it !

we here in indonesia maybe won’t be effected by this incident, but they ? off course they will ! they are the minorities.

to conclude ; I knew there almost nothing more that we can do for this, Ardian Syaf had made things worse than before, I knew some of you can’t understand this but he really did make things worse.

and the irony is ; Ardian Syaf should know about the Fiqh (Islamic Laws) about drawing living things, most of muslims agree that it is forbidden to draw any living objects (such as human and animals), so it’s kinda ironic that Syaf did these act to support our religious movement while most of us won’t give support to him.

and here’s the comment from reddit :

“we should stop making him famous. This guys has completely turn into jihadist and part of radical Islamist group, we can’t deal with this kind of people they will keep in their believes/faith and defensive no matter what you say. There’s no apology will throw and they surround by their jihadist supporter. Making him famous only glorifies him. That’s usually how terrorist groups start and grow”

and we already did that ; making him famous and glorify him

Edit :

I wrote this post when I didn’t realise that Ardian Syaf was reported with false accusation, I already post an open letter to Marvel my next post.


beberapa hari yang lalu seseorang berkata bahwa banyak orang yang sering menyalahkan sihir atau pelet sebagai sumber masalah dalam hidupnya,

gak dapat promosi, bilang dipelet…..ribut sama pasangan, bilang dipelet…..bisnis gak jalan, bilang dipelet lagi !

padahal belum tentu hal itu terjadi, akibatnya sihir atau pelet cuma jadi alasan saja untuk menutupi hal-hal yang tidak diinginkan dalam hidupnya.

apa sebenarnya sihir, ilmu hitam atau pelet itu ?

saya mencoba memahaminya dari kitab Tauhid, dimana disebutkan kalau asal muasal ilmu sihir itu muncul pada masa Babilonia, dimana diutus dua malaikat bernama Harut dan Marut untuk menjelaskan bahaya ilmu sihir pada manusia.

banyak kesalahan tafsir dari kisah Harut dan Marut ini, kedua malaikat itu tidak mengajarkan ilmu sihir pada manusia, namun menjelaskan hakikat ilmu itu dan menasihati manusia agar tidak mempelajarinya dari bangsa jin.

namun manusia tidak mematuhi nasihat itu dan mempelajarinya hingga akhirnya sampai hari ini ilmu sihir masih banyak dipraktekkan dalam masyarakat.

saya tidak mau mempelajari ilmu sihir secara detail karena tidak ada gunanya juga, yang saya ingin ketahui adalah kenapa ilmu itu digunakan dan kenapa bangsa jin digunakan sebagai oknum dari ilmu itu.

ternyata dalam Quran sebenarnya hanya Nabi Sulaiman saja yang diberikan kekuasaan atas bangsa jin, jadi setelah itu tidak ada manusia yang menguasai bangsa jin, jadi penyihir sebenarnya tidak menguasai jin, namun sebaliknya justru jin yang menguasainya.

jadi kenapa jin mau melakukan itu ? mengapa mahluk yang hidup di alam lain ingin “membantu” kita dalam urusan kita ?

sebenarnya jin adalah mahluk yang inferior dibandingkan manusia, ada beberapa hal yang membuat manusia menjadi lebih superior, diantara adalah manusia diberikan Akal dan Keimanan. dua hal ini yang tidak dimiliki oleh bangsa jin maka dari itu sebagian bangsa jin yang jahat ingin membuat dirinya superior dari manusia.

itu adalah motif dasar dari niat bangsa jin melakukan sihir.

sihir sendiri adalah ilmu yang diberikan Tuhan pada bangsa jin untuk hidup, seperti kita juga memiliki ilmu yang digunakan untuk bekerja dan mendapatkan nafkah, jadi sebenarnya ilmu sihir itu seharusnya hanya digunakan di alam jin saja bukan di alam manusia.

kembali lagi dari penyalahgunaan kata “pelet”, jika ada yang terkena guna-guna, sangat jarang ada orang yang bisa langsung tahu kalau ia sedang dipelet, kebanyakan tidak mengetahuinya dan akhirnya ilmu itu lenyap begitu saja.

hal yang paling penting dari memahami ilmu sihir ini adalah mengetahui cara pencegahannya dan cara penanganannya, mendatangi dukun untuk membalas sihir justru akan memperburuk kondisi, belum lagi akan menambah dosa akibat dari hal itu.

Ilmu sihir adalah ilmu yang terlarang dan merupakan salah satu dosa terbesar karena pelakunya telah melakukan perbuatan syirik yang akan menghapus semua amalan kebaikannya. hal ini dikarenakan oleh perbuatan syirik yang memohon bantuan kepada selain Tuhan.

pelaku sihir menjadi syirik karena ia secara langsung telah menjadikan jin sebagai sembahannya, memohon bantuan kepada jin dan melakukan apapun yang diminta oleh jin tersebut.

sebaiknya untuk memahami lebih dalam tentang ilmu ini bisa diperoleh dari buku-buku agama yang bermutu atau datang ke ceramah yang membahas tentang topik ini.

dengan memahami hakikat sihir dan keburukannya kita berharap bisa terhindar dari perbuatan tersebut dan tidak dengan mudah menuduh siapapun melakukan perbuatan dosa itu.

Kisah Harut dan Marut