the chastity of women

It is from women the men learn chastity impurity which in turn protect the sacred nature of women.

the failure of men in imitating women in their natural virtue has resulted in women rejecting the double standard of men and imitating men in their natural vice.

the spiritual power of women is great

but so too the power of their physical attraction to men, it is this power that cause vile men to dominate women and virtuous men to honour and to want to protect them

but that physical power of female form over men is a sensory power that vales men from her metaphysical meaning

her sensual form prevents men lost in carnality from knowing her spiritual reality

she is the source of mercy in the world

to degrade women is to degrade the highest qualities of human nature

to elevate her is to elevate the highest nature

when her natural virtue ; the compassion , kindness, caring, selflessness and love to dominate in men, men are able to overcome their natural vices and realize their full humanity

when however those virtues are absent, men descend to the lowest of the low and are worst than beast.

in unveiling the outward beauty of a woman we become veiled from her inward beauty

“I said to my rosy cheek lovely ; oh you with bud like mouth why keep hiding your face like flirting girls ?

she laughed and said ;

unlike the beauties of your world in the veil I’m seen but without it I’m hidden “

by Syaikh Hamza Yusuf Hanson