Thank you my friend

“it’s not how long you spend time with people but it’s about how you touch them”

recently I was so occupied with an old social media that everyone has it but rarely use it, the only main reason is I found this old friend of mine, I didn’t know how we were related, perhaps he was a friend at high school, he didn’t use nice profil pic in there, to the contrary he used an old pic from one of our founding fathers.

at first, his post got my attention since they were all about financial crisis and capital market, a difficult topic that not everyone could understand except some certain people who already get in touch with it, then he also post some topics about politics and history, from there I knew that he used to wrote many articles about our history, especially during the moment when our country just gained its independence.

then fool me sent stupid message like “who are you” and off course he ignored it. then I realized that he didn’t seek fame or social status from that social media, all that he did was just sharing his knowledge and inspire us with his sarcasm opinions and warned us about the financial turmoil that perhaps would come in this year.

I had to admit I really became obsessed with all his post, and get excited when he “like” my post and wrote some comments in my post, oh now I felt really stupid when I remember that…….. *sigh*

and then…..just like other anonymous accounts, he deleted his account and made me feel so lost and weird, because somehow I feel like I don’t know what to do if he doesn’t appear in there again.

I knew that after reaching a certain point, a person who create anonymous account will deleted it, since he can’t handle it anymore, too much attention from ┬ájust ONE social media will ruin your life, drag you from the real world, and then you gonna abandon your family and friends from your own real life, make you feel invincible in internet but you’re still sucks in real life…..internet is the biggest mistake in human history and we should avoid social medias, even if we use anonymous account, we still can’t handle the distractions from it.

But then again, I should thank him for made me know more about my own country and now I really obsessed to learn our nation history, and from there I knew that we actually a great nation but we just don’t realize it yet.

So wherever you are, my anonymous friend, I don’t care who you are, what your name is, where you live and what you do for living, but I will always remember how you inspire me with all your sarcasm and brutal but honest words.

“Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”

see you when I see you, Trwn Rloz





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