10 best books in 2013

2013 almost pass by, and I’m glad that I had privileged to read some of the great books in this year, some of them I bought in local bookstores, some from ebook, and some I got from friends and family.

And now  it’s time to pick the best 10 books from all those books that I really like most, and here they are…… (drum rolls)

  1. Antifragile by Nassim Taleb, this is the most anticipated book of the year, what can I say ? Nassim “The Black Swan” Taleb is a great philosopher and free-thinker, this book is very difficult to summarize, yet some of the ideas are very genuine, I found myself hate and love this book very much
  2.  Madilog by Tan Malaka, I already read this book years ago, then I got the ebook and still this book is very relevant until now, Tan Malaka is our founding father, a revolutionist, a philosopher, a pure genius who took some revolutionary paths for the independence of our country.
  3. Max Havelaar by Multatuli , aka. Eduart Dowes Dekker. Although I didn’t enjoy reading this book since Multatuli’s writing style was very bad, still this book had the most heartbreaking and touching story about the dutch colonization during 19th century, this book was a revolutionary one that inspired many great people in my country to lead the revolutionary path with using non-physical struggle.
  4. How the World Works by Noam Chomsky, a great book to learn how the world really works, why some country can lead others while some poor countries get poorer than before. Nevertheless, Noam Chomsky is a brilliant thinker.
  5. Why Nation Fail by Acemoglu and Robinson, an interesting book that revealing why some nations can be prosperous while some other nations fail to grasp their glorify moment, I love how they took historical evidence from the Roman Empire, the Mayan city-states, medieval Venice, the Soviet Union, Latin America, England, Europe, the United States, and Africa to build a new theory of political economy, it’s really fun to learn some great lesson from our past.
  6. The Litigator, by John Grisham, I think this is one of the best book from Grisham, it has dark comedy about the courtroom drama, I was hoping there will be a movie from this book soon.
  7. Big Short by Michael Lewis, ooh yeah, the book about some people doing shorting during the fall of wall street in 2008, since Liar’s Poker, Michael Lewis is one of my favorite author.
  8.  Ghost in the Wires by Kevin Mitnick, after reading his previous book ; the art of deception, a friend gave me this ebook and it was really entertaining ! and I wonder if they already made a movie from this book ?
  9. Quiet by Susan Cain, as an introvert I can say this book is very relevant for me, and I don’t mind being an introvert and a weirdo, as long as I know how to deal with others without hurting myself.
  10. David and Goliath by Gladwell, after the Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers, again Gladwell surprised us by conveying how the weak can conquer the strong, I think this book could be one of his great book ever.

so those are my best ten books in this year, and still I re-read some books that I love very much, they are : How to win friends by Carnegie, and 7 Habits by Covey. I keep them as a ebook, so I can read them everytime I want.

And for the next year, I already have some “Wish List” books, and they are :

  • “S” by J.J. Abrams
  • any books by Sutan Sjahrir, Tan Malaka and Hatta.
  • any books by Michael Lewis, Nassim Taleb, Grisham and Gladwell

so that’s all from my collection of books, I hope I can read more great books in the year of 2014 🙂

happy reading !




  1. Arie M. Prasetyo · May 26, 2016

    Why Nations Fail is my favorite book of last year! So excited to finally found someone I knew (albeit on social media, but that doesn’t matter :D) who also read it! One of the best books in my collection by far.

    And The Big Short, one of my favorite movies! Didn’t know it was originally a book. Whoa… your blog really has some mindblowing content. I really should’ve visited your blog from a long time ago!

    And I really really want to read Antifragile. But alas, I can’t find the book anywhere. Where did you buy it if I may ask?

    Sadly, I can’t read e-book formats. 😦

    • susandevy · May 26, 2016

      Hi Mas Arie !

      thank you for visiting my humble blog ^^

      the reason why I read “why nations fail” it because that book is pretty much like Noam Chomsky‘s,
      I haven’t read any chomsky’s books lately but I follow him in Quora.

      OMG, Big Short is totally awesome !
      FYI, they actually wanted to make the first book, “Liar’s Poker” as a movie,
      but turned out Lewis decided to make Big Short as movie.
      (you really should read it, funniest book ever – I guarantee it will give you lmao moment)

      as for Taleb,
      I’d became his big fan after I read his first book ; Fooled by Randomness
      then followed with “Black Swan”

      I guess he’s the best philosopher in this century, especially his origin from Lebanon (orthodox) so no wonder he knew many things about arabian history

      if you can’t find Taleb’s books,
      perhaps you should consider to buy it from other countries,
      you know, ask someone who go to spore or KL to buy it,
      or maybe buy them online,

      since bookstore in here are sucks (they only got mainstream books)

      PS ;
      -I can’t read ebook too
      -reason why I don’t read so many books until now because I read some Quran tafsir and they are REALLY difficult to digest ! MasyaAllah 😥

      • Arie M. Prasetyo · May 26, 2016

        1. Liar’s Poker, Fooled by Randomness, Black Swan, noted!
        2. I guess I need to start hunting for Nassim Taleb’s books. 😀
        3. Yeah… the available options for books in this country is still quite disheartening for avid readers.. 😦 Still not sure about ordering books online though. I guess I’m just too old school.. 😛
        4. If you like Chomsky’s work I recommend looking into William Blum’s Rogue State. The content is almost similar to How The World Works, except that Blum was a CIA operative. So his book uses a lot of CIA information.
        5. If you want to dwell more into how the modern world took shape, I recommend Jared Diamond’s Gun, Germs, and Steel & Matt Ridley’s The Rational Optimist. Both are similar in spirit with Why Nation Fails in trying to explain how our modern world came to be. Except Diamonds argued using geography, while Ridley argues that our ability for exchanging ideas shaped modern civilization.
        6. I admire your dedication in the tafsir of the Quran. I can see it in your blog articles. I’m currently reading this book about the Cordoban Ummayad caliphate, and it really intrigued me on learning the Arabic language. Which in turn, I hope someday can help me understand the Quran more.
        7. Followed you on Goodreads. Amazing book collections!
        8. I hope this comment is not too long… 😀

  2. susandevy · May 27, 2016

    wow ! thank you very much for book recommendations ! I put them all in my goodreads account, later will look for them at bookstrore (hopefully they’re available in here),

    the main reason why I read tafsir is because I can’t learn arabic (it’s the most difficult language ever), so tafsir help me to understand the context, meaning and hidden messages in each ayat and letter of the Holy Book. I just came to realize that learning Quran is a never-ending journey, so I just never stop learning it.

    Cordoban Ummayad is my favorite dynasty too ! especially Abdurrahman I (the founder), I hope someday I could visit andalusia ^^

    thank you again, have a great day ^^

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