Life is about letting go

Recently I just watched film “Life of Pi”, a beautiful and most touching movie about an indian boy, Pi, who castaway in a lifeboat with a bengal tiger named Richard Parker, I didn’t know why I never watch this movie before since it was very famous and everyone was talking about this, but there are some very good lessons that I’ve learned from this movie.

During the lowest moment of their struggle to survive in the Pacific ocean when Pi had no food left and his fishing equipment had lost, and he already gave up and dying with Richard Parker, they arrived at a mysterious floating island that full with meerkats, fresh water and cassava fruits, they were both very happy for the first time but it wouldn’t last long because when the night came, the island turned into something different and the fresh water turned into acid, Pi found a human tooth inside a flower.

Pi realized if they stayed in the island, they would die and will be consumed by that carnivorous island, then he decided to leave the island with Richard Parker and after survive in the ocean, eventually they arrived at the mexican beach.

Sometimes bad things happen in our life, when we lost people that we love so much, and when we think that we can’t take that burden in our life anymore, somehow we find ourselves arrive at the “floating island” which seems very beautiful yet seems so wrong but we need to get up, to wake up and make some effort to embark for another journey in our life.

In life there will be many “floating island” that tempt us and hold our journey, if we choose the easy way, then we gonna stay forever in that island and eventually will die in there.

We meet with many people in life, some of them are nice, some are not, some will try to lure us with their charms, some will give us great lessons, some people are the “floating island” and only a few good people are our mexican beach.

Life is about letting go, to let go the “floating island” and to embark for the new journey until we find ourselves in the mexican beach.





  1. arhsa · December 9, 2013

    I’ve wathed this movie too.

    I like this quote: “In life there will be many “floating island” that tempt us and hold our journey, if we choose the easy way, then we gonna stay forever in that island and eventually will die in there.”

    Nice post. Keep writting sister!

    BTW, where’s your another Gimp and Inkscape Tutorial? I’ve created a cartoon with inkscape but just for fun not so serious.

    • susandevy · December 9, 2013

      terima kasih mas @arhsa untuk komennya !
      memang film ini inspiratif sekali ya ?
      yang penting dalam hidup ini kita terus berjuang dan pantang menyerah,

      untuk tutorial Gimp dan Inkscape, tentunya akan saya buat, kalau berminat silakan bergabung ke grup Gimp dan Inkscape yang dibuat oleh teman2 di facebook, disitu banyak tutorial2 yang aplikatif :

  2. arhsa · December 9, 2013

    I mean “watched”

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