Krita’s cool features and new brushkit set

It’s been a while since my last update about Krita, and to be honest I really enjoy and easily get addicted to Krita since it gives me with many features that I could never get from other software.

First, there was a new brushkit set from David Revoy, Ramon Miranda and Vasco Basque, but I just install the brushkit from deevad, because I just don’t think I have enought time to try them all, hehehee

Again, why Krita ?

it’s simply the coolest software for illustration and image manipulation, it’s like the combination of Gimp, MyPaint, Inkscape and Alchemy. Although that I only use it for hobby but I’m sure the future of this software will be brighter, and it has version for Windows which can be use with tablet pc (Krita Gemini)

So here are some of my works with Krita :


This flower doodle was made with Multiple Brushes Mode, in here I set to five brushes, it was really cool to draw with this feature.


and this one I made with Horizontal Mirror Mode, so this drawing had the perfect symmetry and I  love this because I just have to draw in one side, so this feature really saved my time 😀


When my friend told me about Alchemy software, I said to him that Krita also has the brush which is really similar with Alchemy ; the Experimental brush from David Revoy ! This brush is one of my favorite ! what I love about this brush is I can make any kind of shape and it allows me to create basic shapes before I decide to put more details.

So that’s all from my works, actually those are my old works, since I haven’t get much time to play with Krita, and I put them in my deviant art account, and surprisingly they were posted on Krita’s group in deviant art ! I’m so happy when anyone really appreciate my works 🙂

I really really really enjoy Krita so far, I’m looking forward for the next version, since the last version has some bugs, or maybe because my ubuntu doesn’t support Krita or I don’t know but sometimes it’s get slow and laggy but I just keep trying to make more works with Krita 🙂

references :

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