Book Review : The Hunter – Asa Nonami

The Hunter: A Detective Takako Otomichi MysteryThe Hunter: A Detective Takako Otomichi Mystery by Asa Nonami

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Hunter began with an incident happened at a restaurant, a man was burn alive in front of waiter, the plot moved quickly to police investigation conducted by a team which was included Sergeant Tamotsu Takizawa, then came along beautiful and young Takako Otomichi who was the only female member of the motorcycle squad, and Takizawa and Takako became a partner for solving this mystery

Takizawa was unhappy with this situation, gender issue was still a big deal in police department, and Takizawa had been an asshole and never tried to be friendly with Takako.

I like the development of characters in this novel, I realized that somehow between Takako and Takizawa would never be any romance nor friendship, but what really matter is they got their jobs done.

also this novel reminds me that to solve a murder or mystery, you need the WHOLE team, so this is NOT a ONE MAN SHOW, because one rely on others, and one also MUST help friends to get this done.
so no more Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, this is all about a TEAMWORK.

and I really love about the beautiful description about the unusual relationship between Takako and “The Hunter” (a half breed wolf dog), they both trust each other, but they both have different motives.

beautiful phrase I noted from this novel :

“True Happiness could never come from other’s Grief and Sadness”

all and all, this is a nice and enjoyable novel, very good for a bedtime book.

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