I remember…..

I remember when everything was simple and we still believe in a thing called love

I remember when he kept asking about what I was thinking, doing and felling. There was a time when I was really important for him, and I was the only one in his mind.

Wherever I was, there he was.

Whatever I did, he loved it

He made me feel happy just the way he showed how he cared for me, I never could understand why he treasured me that much, while I didn’t treasure myself like he did.

He always called me everyday, and when I went away, he could find a way to call me.

When I was having holiday in granma’s house, and the phone’s line there was broken, he called the operator to fix it, and after it was fixed, he called me just to hear my voice.

letters, and letters….words would never enough to describe his feeling for me that moment.

last year, he asked ; do I still remember those days ?

I replied ; I was surprised you still remember it, I thought you forget all about it.

he never forget it, either do I

it was nice to know when things are over there are some sweet memories that will stay forever in our mind


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