Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (Theodore Boone, #1)Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer by John Grisham
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Okay, and so please remind me again NOT TO BUY A BOOK BEFORE READING A REVIEW, because I always end up regretting reading a lousy book like this KID LAWYER by one of my favorite writer, John Grisham.

Dear Mr. Grisham,
somehow, I wonder what was you intention to write this novel ? did you want to follow other famous novelist who wrote great novels for kids ? or did you want to introduce about legal things to kids ?

I’m so sorry, but I think this novel is a big fail……..

Meet Theodore Boone, 13yo, raised from a lawyer family (mother and father are lawyer, his uncle was a retired lawyer too, and FOR GOD’S SAKE, HE GOT A DOG NAMED WITH “JUDGE”)

Theo wasn’t like any other regular 13yo kids, who talked about movies, games, girls…..instead he always hang around the courtroom (really ? why didn’t they kick that kiddo outta there ?)

Theo loved all about legal things sooooooooooo much, he even could give LEGAL ADVICE to his friends, just like any other lawyer (SHUT UP) and somehow he arranged a visit with his classmates to a courtroom, and he didn’t forget to remind all of his friends THAT REAL COURTROOM IS DAMN BORING AND IT IS NOT AS DRAMATIC AS IN THE MOVIES

Theo didn’t feel anything with a cute girl at his age who got crush on him, because he got a different taste, unlike other boy in his age, Theo got a crush with a mature woman, twice of his age, and pregnant…….

okay so I stopped read it here, exactly at page 72, only waste my time reading this non-sense.
but anyway I gave a star and also write this review, to help me to remind myself not to buy a cheap book without reading a review before it.

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