AirframeAirframe by Michael Crichton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If you think you will find “Airframe” like any other novels or movies about airplane crash, then you wrong, the drama and main-plot about Airframe were during AFTER the airplane incident, not during or before it.

so basically it was more like “Air plane Crash investigation” conducted by several people who worked at the Norton Aircraft who built that airplane. the main protagonist was Casey Singelton, mid-thirties, single-mom, control-freak, unfashionable and always follow by the rules.

Casey who was one of the top executive in that company, at beginning, already smelled something fishy about that incident, so she digged up all the evidence, unaware that some people in her company who watched all her steps, and did something to prevent her finding a fact about that incident.

I gave 3 of 5 stars for this novel, though I really enjoyed this novel very much, (actually one of Crichton best novel since “Congo”) but the plot was a bit boring at the middle of the novel, so I skipped it and really enjoyed the dramas at the end part of this novel.

So Airframe is an enjoyable, non-serious reading for weekend, and I really glad I read this novel !

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