The moment you thought you finally had everything you wanted, and you had a settled life, and wondering if things could turn around

The moment when he grew apart from you, he was seemed to be busy with anything, and you just let him be

The moment he forgot to called you back, forgot to reply your texts, forgot to pick you up, forgot your anniversary and your birthday

The moment he was seemed to be in distance, and you thought you just need to give him a space

The moment you felt restless for his silent when he was around you

The moment he disappeared, he was still there but he vanished from your life. gone without trace.

The moment your body was frozen when you found her picture in his wallet

The moment he was hiding his cellphone from you when he called her, he packed his clothes and gone to her place, he didn’t look into your eyes and walked away when you shouted at him

The moment you spent long sleepless nights thinking how things could go wrong

The moment you were wondering whether it was all your fault that made him change that much

The moment you wished that you didn’t have to know all about it, because you just couldn’t bear the pain

The moment you wanted to scream out loud, you wanted to cry a river, you wanted to runaway and leave everything behind you. but you couldn’t

The moment of a long silence, you and him just didn’t know what to do next

The moment you still spent sleepless nights

The moment you disgusted when you saw his brokenhearted face, you despised his sad look.

The moment you had learned that he was over with her

The moment he took you to beautiful places, bought you new fancy things, remembered your anniversary again

The moment he embraced you in your arms, looked into your eyes, gently stroked your hair and whispered sweet things in your ears

The moment you didn’t feel anything, you stared blankly at him, you were there with him but your mind wasn’t

The moment you had learned to hide your sadness with smiles, hide your tears with your laughter, and hide your pains with your jokes

The moment you realized you still got family and friends who could read between lines and understood what mess you just got into, and helped you to get over it

The moment you wanted to burst with evil laugh when he said you were the one

The moment you did some stupid things, your self-destruction

The moment when your family and friends helped you again, stop you from doing terrible things

The moment you always looked at the sky, started to counting for silver linings in the clouds

The moment you know there is always a silver linings to every cloud that sails about the heavens if you want to see it

The moment you have finally let go the past,
treasure everything that you already have,
be grateful for what have happened in your life,
understand that the most important moment is now

The moment when the truth has prevailed and falsehood has vanished


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