Today is a good day to die

Last month, we were having a trip overseas to visit our family there, and we all took a flight together, the trip was fun as usual, nothing seemed to matter, everyone was enjoying the trip. And for me, I used my time during flight to catch some nap, since I didn’t sleep well the night before, so from the very first time I sat at my seat on the airplane, I fell asleep.

All of the sudden, the plane was having some turbulence, the first turbulence was terrifying, it was like we were having “free-fall” from a skyscraper or roller-coaster, but with longer “falling-time”. I was shocked, everyone were too, the seat belt light was on, but no stewardess around us, no any announcements from pilot, but the plane kept flying with turbulence, stroke of lightnings could be seen from the window, the plane was entering a storm.

I knew a bit about airplane, so I thought I shouldn’t worry when experiencing a turbulence like this, airplane nowadays was designed to overcome turbulence from storm, but since it was my very first time having a turbulence like this, I was so nervous and feeling some butterflies and hurricanes in my stomach.

My son, who was seated next to me, was very anxious, I had to hold him and calmed him down, whispering that it all gonna be okay, but actually I wasn’t sure about it, but holding him with my arms made me feel better too, so I held him tightly.

How about other passengers ? did they panic or hysterically scream ? No, no one move or make any sound, everyone just kept quiet, waiting for something worse that could happen, or everyone was busy praying for themselves. I remembered it was so quiet I guess I could hear a needle falling on the floor.

With my son in my arms, I thought that things could get worse, what if we didn’t make it ? what if the plane crashed ? but then I kept thinking all positive things to ease my mind, why should I worry too much ? everyone eventually gonna die anyway.

During that moment, I recalled a conversation with my friend about death, I said to her I was hoping a quick and painless death, and if I could choose, I didn’t wanna to die old and sick, because I just didn’t want to be a burden of my family anymore.

So maybe this is the answer of my stupid wish, would I die now ? but holding my son and see him trembling in my arms, I thought it was unfair for him to die young, then I prayed for him so he could survive this flight and life longer happily.

After about 30 minutes, finally the plane landed on its destination airport, it was a rough landing, I suspected the pilot wasn’t clever enough to manage the plane to land smoothly with this windy weather from the storm, but it didn’t matter anymore since we were all safe.

All the passengers were relieved, some of them was laughing and clapping hands in enthusiasm, I joked if the plane was actually crashed, our clan would have gone extinct, since almost all of our family members were on board.

I remembered my brother said that our human behavior was so predictable, during the flight we all felt that we were gonna die and prayed constantly to God, then just after passed it, we could laugh and do stupid things again and felt as if we all gonna life for thousands years.

So I guess this was just a friendly warning from God that I should be more prepare myself for the moment, so then I could feel like everyday is a good day to die.

Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam !




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