Learning history of our past at Sawahlunto

“Those who can not remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – G.Santayana

from cities that I ever had visited, Sawahlunto is definitely one of the the best town ! I didn’t exaggerate it, but compared to other “famous” cities from our neighbor countries, Sawahlunto has so many advantages that will make you want to visit this beautiful small town again!

Why ? the best thing about Sawahlunto is a heritage small town, during the dutch colonization, Sawahlunto was a coal mining city, they brought workers – we called it slavery, from java to build the town, so nowadays we can see so many beautiful sites from dutch colonization, such as Train Station, old street market, Dutch office buildings, Town Square, Silo – for storing the coal, old coal mining sites, and many more.

Oh, by the way, Sawahlunto is a small town located at 95km to the south of Padang city, West Sumatra.


old dutch building at town square

old train station, they also got museum here!

What I love about Sawahlunto because it’s very, very CLEAN !! having traveling to other cities in this country, I knew that this is the main issue, somehow people here couldn’t care about it, but I can tell you that ALL cities at West Sumatra are clean and tidy ! people there don’t throw garbage to the river anymore ! so we can enjoy the beautiful view at the river banks without having to worry about stepping into a dirty garbage.

river banks

Sawahlunto is a “cute” and small town, you can just walk around that city, the pedestrian walkway around this town is big and tidy, they got also many clean and neat public toilets, the people are nice and helpful – especially when you ask for some info about this town. I always know that we can judge the town from its rivers, public toilets, and people , right ? 🙂

And the next best thing is that you can learn about history at many museums in this small town, and these museum are – off course very neat and clean, have many facilities, and with helpful staffs we can enjoy and learn about history from these museums, go to http://www.sawahluntokota.go.id/ to learn more about it.

slave statue at coal mining museum

inside the museum of coal mining

entrance to an old dutch coal site

Okay, what else that I haven’t mention yet ? the food ? should I have to explain more about it ? all food in West Sumatra are the best ! I bet you gain weight fast – at least 3kilos here ! :mrgreen:

So if you happen to visit west sumatra, try to spend time visit this small town, because you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, great museums, and delicious and mouth-watering food ! 😉



  1. arisetyo · September 7, 2012

    aaah… I really miss West Sumatra…

    • susandevy · September 8, 2012

      most beautiful province in sumatra from my own opinion ya, but I never been to aceh, so I can’t compare west sumatra with aceh 😀

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