Kick-ass Heroines of USS Voyager

“Voyager may not be as big as a Galaxy-class ship, but she’s quick and smart…”

If I must name one of the best tv-series that I always want to watch over and over again, it’s Star Trek Voyager . not that I don’t like other Star Trek series, I do love The Next Generation and also enjoy watching Deep Space Nine, but there’s something that made Voyager different from them ; it was because of those Kick-ass female heroines of Voyager’s crews .

So I presume some of you don’t know what the heck is Voyager ? perhaps you’re not even born yet during that cool era, Star Trek Voyager is one of Star Trek tv-series produced for seven seasons, during 1995 until 2001, can you imagine what the Computer Generated-Imagery / CGI was looked like ? awful, terrible, but during that moment it was the best ever, since Voyager was the first Star Trek series that used CGI.

And the plot was quite simple : Stay Alive, Get back home, Get the hell out of Delta-Quadrant and return safely to Alpha-Quadrant. 

Voyager was stranded in Delta-Quadrant area at her very first mission, this area was unknown and unexplored, and they were 70.000 light-years from home, that made a 70 years journey to Alpha-Quadrant aka. home, aka. Earth ( oh shit ! ) but no worries, folks ! Since the crew of Voyager were stubborn survivors and had a weird sense of adventure, they just kept focus to their goal ; Return Home, even thought this small ship had limited resources, compare to other Federal Star-ships.

Captain Kathryn Janeway

The only female captain in Star Trek series is Janeway, at first I was skeptical for her abilities, you could say they made a female captain just to please those hot-blooded female trekkies, but  Janeway was not your regular sweet and kind captain, she might not as cool as James Kirk, or didn’t have charm like Jean-Luc Picard, but she was so adventurous, bold, caring and had that weird sense of humor and with her easy-going personality, like “oh well, now we are here in Delta-Quadrant….now let’s go home” attitude that made me so into this female captain.

Her Leadership was outstanding but many times she made unpopular decisions, like recruiting enemies and renegades as crew of ship. Chakotay, B’leana Torres and  Seven-of -Nine were once the enemies of Voyager but soon played important roles in order to accomplish their only mission ; Return Home.

There are three things to remember about being a starship captain: keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship, and never abandon a member of your crew.” – Janeway

Sometimes Janeway put aside federal protocols and even risk her life to save her crew members,  especially during recruiting female borg, Seven-of-Nine , most of Voyager’s crew didn’t agree with her decision, like “what the heck that borg doing in our ship ? assimilate all of us into borg too ?” ….But later her decision brought many benefits to Voyager, including adapting borg’s technologies into their vessel.

There were not many  stories about her romance, but one thing that I like most was during the encounter of Q, a Godlike creature who falsely laid his eyes for Janeway and used his “God” charm to mate with her ( oh my goodness ! ) not enough with all of these troubles, later Janeway must babysit Q’s offspring, Q2 , who really made her get on her nerves with his chaotic behavior.

B’leanna Torres

If there’s no Janeway in that ship, surely I will choose Torres as the most kick-ass heroine of Voyager ! Half Human – Half Klingon, B’leanna possessed that bad tempered and hot-blooded Klingon attitude, with “Yeah, whatever, dudes” and “in your face” facial expression, she never sugar-coated things, she said what she thought and felt, nevertheless B’leanna was truly a Geek, as Chief Engineer, she’d done some extraordinary jobs maintaining warp drive in engineering rooms, and created portable emitter for the Doctor so that fussy holographic program could go around the ship and mingle with the whole crew.

At first time she was on board Voyager, B’leanna didn’t trust Janeway, but later after sharing some kick-ass adventures – including encountering some alien wars, B’leanna became one of Janeway’s most reliable and most daring crew member ever.

Her Klingon bad temper had made B’leanna difficult to get into a relationship, but unintendedly, she had fallen for cute womanizer, Tom Paris, somehow I wish she would go with a kinda serious type like Harry Kim, but this weird couple was really serious, later they got married and had daughter.


I had nothing against her, but all I can say is she didn’t belong in this series, Kes was far too feminine , if she was appeared in The Next Generation, surely she will fit there with other feminine and melancholy female characters. Therefore she just lasted for three sessions, I was glad they finally replaced her with that hot female Borg droid ; Seven-0f-Nine !


All trekkies cheered for her ! with that “Hello, but my face is up here” body , Seven-of-Nine was one of the hottest female character in science fiction ever ! can not compare her with other hot sci-fi babes like Princess Leia, since Seven-of-Nine was once a Borg Droid, she was assimilated with Borg when she was only six years old, so when she joined Voyager, Seven-of-Nine only had a vague memories of her past human life.

Life in Voyager was hard for her, she never understood why guys always checked for her body ( oh yeah!) and why girls always moved away from her ( no wonder lah, every chicks will envy her flawless body) so Seven-of-Nine asked help from her only friend, the Doctor, she asked that holographic doctor to become her guidance for her date and teach her some human behavior lesson, for Seven-of-Nine was clueless in human relationship like Data, but asking for help to a non-human, especially a holographic program was, somehow, useless….“Like a Blind leading a Blind” exclaimed Tom Paris when he heard the Doctor guided Seven-of-Nine for her date.

Nevertheless, Seven-of-Nine made some importance contributions for Voyager, one of them was to adapt Borg technologies in Voyager, so that ship could move faster and get closer to home. during the journey, after gaining some experience in human behavior, at last Seven-of-Nine could get into a relationship with none other than the hottest dude in the ship, Chakotay. they were madly in love, and even made Janeway willing to scarifies herself in order to fix things ( watch the last and most epic episode ; Endgame ) so that couple could have a normal and happy life in earth.

So I guess that’s all of them, those super kick-ass heroines of USS Voyager , not like other sci-fi female characters who just lay there and wait for help from their knigh-in-shining-armor , these hot-blooded-chicks were truly kicked ass, and that was made them survive in the most cruel-some journey in Delta-Quadrant space.


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