Congo – michael crichton

CongoCongo by Michael Crichton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

this is the very first book of Michael Crichton that I read, now I know why his books were always best sellers, the intense and non-stop plots would never get me bored, it’s a kind of book that i can’t put down until i finish it ! Crichton is truly a genius, he wrote books with meticulous researches, and those technologies that mentions in this book…..OMG, they had digital camera in that dinosaur era ! talking about living in 70s ? and communicating with intranet ? wow, awesome !

what I like about the way Crichton applied those IT things in his book that it didn’t sound cheesy or awkward, even if I read in this era, unlike other science-fiction books, it was just right and normal. nothing more or less.

somehow I hope there’s a remake from the old movie, because the plot of this book is very interesting, and the “bad-ass” are not dinosaurs or aliens, but just ordinary monkeys who got trained to kill human. tee-hee :mrgreen:
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