Ramadan Kareem ~ why it’s so hard to be a decent moslem nowadays

Last month I noticed there was an odd Twitter’s Trending Topic , it was using hash-tag #BlametheMoslem , and I blamed my curiosity for I couldn’t just ignored it, so as usual, I searched for it and surprisingly found out that it was only a young moslem girl from somewhere in England who made it as world-wide trending topic.

She is Sanum Ghafoor, her twitter account is @strange_sanum , I also watched her videos at youtube, at first I was overwhelmed by her charisma and energy, it was truly inspiring videos,  although that her topic wasn’t something new but she simply had opened up my insight about how all moslem in these world has becoming a scapegoat by so called hidden agendas from those big countries.

But then again, as I recalled, I was once had become a person that almost similar with Sanum, very skeptical and sarcastic about other religions, and I always thought that I was the most righteous compare to others….. can you believe that I  was actually that pious person ? me neither !!

Years ago, when I got this “insight” or we called Hidayah,  I thought I was a luckiest person, since I believe not all ordinary people could gain that insight, then I began to care about other moslem from the middle east countries, such as Palestine, which is until now struggling to gain its freedom…..and off course I did attend those radical “pengajian”, I truly didn’t understand what had made me do that, but as far as I remembered, during that days, Islamic movement was at the “Peak” season, although that we were just a small group, and I also felt that everyone looked at us as if we were aliens from outer space,  but it was a “wind of change” in everywhere we went.

But now, as time passes by, I realize that I have became a person that perhaps a slightly different than that “me” I used to know.

many things had happened, and somehow it could change my point of view about how I  see about this religion that I was born with, and one Question that always in my mind is ; if we always argue or discuss about other religion, why can’t God make us just in the same, One Religion ? if God was so powerful, then He could turn us all into one religion, so we never have wars or ethnic cleansing in this world.

well, it’s really a damn hard question that only God Himself could answer it.

And sometimes I imagined myself if I were born with other religion, then will I convert to Islam ? or will I just stay in that religion and believe it as the only one and the best religion ever in this earth ?

I always believe that everything happens for a reason, everything was made for some reasons, but everything’s change before our eyes, people would never stay as they are, and as time goes by, our life would never be the same as it was used to be.

I still believe in God  (thankfully)

But when I look at myself wearing a Hijab, I see it no more than a garmen that cover up my head, it was nothing….. I’m no proud of myself,  since so many others could do better than me, other ordinary and common people who could make changes in this world and inspire many people with their stories or kind acts.

and back to our little fussy girl, Sanum Ghafoor…….. well, I had to admit she was stunning, but ooh….please…... no more hatred towards our enemies ! I just had enough !

and all I wanna say to her : “Hi Sanum , why don’t you do your Homework instead of mumbling around about terrorism and hidden agendas…..or at least, try to get a borfriend, will ya ? 🙂



  1. saifulmuhajir · August 2, 2011

    Well, her account is @strange_sanum, maybe she should change it to @freak_sanum?

    • susandevy · August 3, 2011

      or maybe @dumb_sanum ? @megalomaniac_sanum ?

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