a beautiful wedding….with kids (?)

sarah vowed to PPernikahan merupakan momen yang sakral bagi setiap insan, dan puncak momen itu adalah saat mengucapkan wedding vow, namun bagaimana jika dalam perkawinan tersebut sudah ada anak-anak dari perkawinan yang sebelumnya ? berikut adalah contoh perkawinan yang indah, menurut saya, karena mereka dilibatkan dalam upacara seremonial perkawinan itu, bahkan orang tua barunya mengucapkan janji untuk mereka, wow…

Jackie, menikahi Ed yang sudah memiliki putri, P, dari perkawinan sebelumnya, Ed memiliki full custody terhadap P, selama 6 bulan sebelum menikah Jackie sudah full-time mengasuh P, dan saat upacara pernikahan Jackie dan Ed, Jackie mengucapkan janjinya kepada P :

She (P) stood by the maid of honor during the ceremony. After Ed and I said our vows to each other, I had P come up next to us, and I got down to her height and said my vows to her:

“I promise to always love you, take care of you, support you in all you do, and to always be the best mom I can be. I love you.” They were simple, but I got so choked up, they couldn’t really have been longer.

We also had a symbol for her instead of a ring. It was a gold cross necklace that I got for my first communion when I was little. My maid of honor held onto it in her bouquet and I put it around P’s neck after my vows.


I just couldn’t hold my tears read this….. 🙂

Satu keraguan terbesar dari orang tua yang akan menikah kembali adalah ; apakah pasangannya bisa menjalin hubungan dengan anak-anak dari pernikahan sebelumnya ? terutama apabila pasangan belum pernah menikah dan belum pernah memiliki anak sebelumnya, namun sebetulnya parenting adalah merupakan suatu proses yang melalui berbagai tahapan, dan setiap hari kita sebagai orang tua selalu mempelajari hal-hal baru mengenai parenting, jadi semua itu adalah merupakan proses pembelajaran bagi setiap insan.

berikut adalah artikel tentang seorang single mom dengan 2 kids yang menikah dengan single guy (sarah dan tony) , saat wedding ceremony, tony mengucapkan wedding vow kepada kedua anak sarah ;

Bean and Bug.  I want you to know that I dearly love your mother. I also love both of you very much.  Today we are celebrating our life together as a family.  This does not mean that your dad is less important or doesn’t count, and it doesn’t mean that I am trying to replace him.  But it does mean that together your mom and I have created a home for you where you will always be welcome and loved.  Our home is a place where you can share your feelings and your dreams and your wishes. I promise to be fair and to be honest, to be available for you, to earn your love, respect and true friendship.  I will cherish my life with all of you.”


I’m speechless….. 🙂


PS :

I’m very grateful that Sarah, had granted me permission to share this lovely story in my blog, FYI, I’m a newbie in blogging, so at first I forgot to ask about permission for sharing this, but gladly, sarah understood it, and she let my put this picture and links.

so I learned my lesson, if I want to do this again, I should ask permission from the owner. and I hope everyone else also do this too

Thank you so much, Sarah…. I really appreciate it


One comment

  1. Sarah · February 22, 2011


    Thank you for reading our blog and your kind words here. I would like to mention that the wedding photos of Jackie, who writes at http://sweetlittlethrills.com, and Ed are by Ian Gattie Photography, http://iangattie.com.

    Thanks again for the kind post.


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